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Sentinel node localisation prior to breast cancer surgery

Sentinel Node Identified in Right Axilla

Chronic lymphoedema

Lymphatic Obstruction in Leg

Lymphatic Scans

Lymphatic Scans are used to detect lymph nodes and vessels. There are 2 commonly-performed types of lymphatic scans.

• Sentinel Node Lymphoscintigraphy
• Lower or Upper Limb Lymphoscintigraphy

Sentinel Node Lymphscintigraphy is used to identify potential nodes that are involved by cancer.

Pedal lymphoscintigraphy is used to detect problems with lymphatic flow in the legs or arms. Lymphoedema can occur in various parts of the body, but often affects the lower limbs. This scan is performed in patients with unexplained swelling of one or multiple limbs.

No preparation is required. Technetium-99m colloid is used as the imaging agent.

All lymphatic scans are bulk-billed.

Common Nuclear Medicine Scans

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